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A newsletter for ecommerce managers - The Fix

The Fix - a newsletter for home furnishing ecommerce managers
A newsletter for ecommerce managers - The Fix
By James @ The Fix • Issue #6 • View online
And we’re back! This newsletter has been on hiatus for a little while (ok, quite a long while actually) but we return with a new name!
So for those who can’t quite remember what The Fix is (myself included), let me remind you: every month I’ll be finding the most interesting ecommerce articles, stories and resources to keep you up-to-date with the ever-changing ecommerce landscape.
I will be mostly focussing on home decor & home improvement retail specifically and how technology is changing the way consumers are buying today, but also sharing interesting things I find from the wider ecommerce world.
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So here goes…

Shopping Pulse – Insights
Klarna, the Swedish payments startup has performed it’s latest shopping survey. “The vast majority of shoppers across the world believe that retailers need to continuously invest in new technology to meet their evolving expectations.”
More rooms, more power outlets: The post-pandemic future of home design
One thing I’ve learned today: tiled bathrooms came about out of the 1918 flu pandemic, as people replaced draperies and carpets that harboured germs!
Augmented Reality
A round-up of the use of Augmented Reality in ecommerce and retail, some new and old articles.
AR & Shopping Collide, Part V: Instagram - AR Insider
Mike Boland explores how shoppability and visual commerce are going to collide and compress the purchase funnel. “Point your phone at a jacket a friend is wearing using Google Lens or Snap Scan, then buy it right on the spot.”
Snapchat: 92% of Gen Z want to use AR for shopping | Retail Dive
If you’re on the fence about investing in AR right now, you’re going to want to read this.
Who's Using AR and How Often? - AR Insider
The annual consumer survey report pegs it at 30% percent of U.S. adults, up from 29 percent in the previous study.
80% of UK consumers believe retailers need to invest in new technology - Latest Retail Technology News From Across The Globe - Charged
5 Visual Commerce ideas to steal in 2022
We’ve identified 5 brands who are utilising Visual Commerce tactics to great effect, to inspire your ecommerce strategy.
Amazon opens up Prime delivery service to other retailers in its latest move to compete with FedEx and UPS
Meta to Open Retail Store to Showcase Virtual Reality Hardware - Bloomberg
It’s kinda ironic that Meta have opened a physical store to sell products to allow their users to buy devices that they hope will one day do away with physical stores.
Snap further invests in AR Shopping with dedicated in-app feature, new tools for retailers – TechCrunch
Retailers will soon be able to build their own AR shopping experiences with access to a new AR Image Processing technology within the 3D asset manager.
Wrap up
That’s everything for now, I hope you got some value out of it. Please do forward on to others who would enjoy a monthly round-up of ecommerce news and insights, and hit reply to share your feedback.
Until next month 👋
About me
I’m the Chief Operating & Product Officer at Fixtuur, a Visual Commerce platform for home furnishing retailers & brands.
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A newsletter for home furnishing ecommerce managers & marketers, exploring how new technologies are changing the landscape.

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