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Home Living Retail Technology - November 2017 Issue

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Home Living Retail Technology - November 2017 Issue
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Hello, and welcome to the November issue of Home Living Retail Technology. This month we have a look at the latest AR news from Apple and Google and find out what Amazon are up to.

Augmented reality for the masses is here
Augmented reality is now a viable technology for retailers to start building customer experiences with. Last month Apple released iOS 11, the latest operating system for iPads and iPhone devices, which includes ARKit, a software development kit that developers can use to build AR powered apps. 
This effectively has enabled millions of iPhones and iPads owners to start experiencing AR for themselves. The obvious application is being able to see how furniture will look when added to a room, but I believe this to be just the beginning of an exciting new wave of apps and experiences.
IKEA's new AR app
IKEA's new AR app
New AR apps
Ikea’s ARKit furniture app ‘Place’ is now available on the App Store
A new ARKit app from Houzz brings 500,000 objects to moveable life
Target adds AR shopping to its mobile website  |  TechCrunch
It's not just about Apple
Google are keen to ensure Android users don’t miss out on the current AR wave. They have released their take on ARKit, dubbed ARCore to developers. This has effectively retired Google’s Tango project which relied on expensive depth sensors to be built into phone devices to support augmented reality experience.
Google have a harder job than Apple at getting AR working well on all Android devices. The relatively small amount of iOS devices available, compared to the myriad of Android devices available means that Apple will have a much easier time calibrating the technology for each device, which should ensure a much more robust experience. 
This has forced Google developers to only make ARCore available to a small number of devices (at least initially). Those devices are Google Pixels and Samsung S8 phones. 
The elephant in the room
Amazon are beginning to dip their toes into the home living sector. It will be interesting to watch where they concentrate their efforts.
About me
I’m James, Head of Product at DigitalBridge, a startup based in Manchester, UK.
We use technologies such as augmented reality, computer vision and machine learning to build compelling & engaging customer experiences for home living retailers.
I hope you find this newsletter valuable. If you have any feedback, ideas or questions please just hit reply and get back to me. 
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James @ The Fix

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